The ‘fainting’ dance craze taking over South Africa is now infecting Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania – and has already hit China By Bombi Mavundza , Business Insider

King Monada’s Malwedhe has crossed borders, getting everyone in on the #IdibalaChallenge
  • King Monada’s Malwedhe has raised concern at home. Now it is going continental. 
  • China is already in on the action, and the star says he has since been invited to perform in the UK.

“This year we Idibala,” says Limpopo-based singer King Monada.

His hit song, Malwedhe, which has inspired the #IdibalaChallenge, is now spreading beyond South Africa’s borders, and has been spotted as far afield as China.

It has also popped up in Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.

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Speaking during an interview on the news channel, eNCA, the singer said he has now been asked to perform in the United Kingdom.

Malwedhe means illness or sickness in the Bolobedu dialect of the Sepedi language. The dance sees fans falling to the ground at the chorus and words: ke na le bolwedhe bao idibala (I have an illness of fainting), which has caused some concern about its potential to cause injuries.

King Monada@KingMonada_

Sorry, this year re a idibala.

Makoya Van Best


In studio with Babes and Tipcee, Mampintsha is on his way ??? its not over !!!!!! Kusengenzeka noma yini !!!!!

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The #IdibalaChallenge has now been seen at weddings in Tanzania….

… and spotted in Uganda.

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OMARIA FRANCIS@francisomaria

Somewhere in Uganda, its approved as well

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Ugandan TV show host Samsom Kasumba-Mulun even did it on his show on NBS Television.

The Kenyan Sevens team are also in on it…

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Azania Afrika@SAYoungLion

Kenya Sevens Team Members Jump On Famous Malwedhe Challenge, King Monada – Malwedhe @KingMonada_

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…and not to be outdone, The Zambian Copper Queens, on their way to Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire, got in on the act.

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The Zambia Women’s National Soccer Team in high spirits Abidjan bound joining in on the idibala challenge as they await their connecting flight in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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The dance is also being done in Nigeria….

And China, which appears to be the first country outside the continent to pick up on it.