Nonkilling Paradigm

Springer academic publishers has just released the new book The Nonkilling Paradigm: For World Peace and Enlightenment, authored by Dr. Katyayani Singh and Dr. Anoop Swarup, Chair of the Center for Global Nonkilling. This new contribution to the development of nonkilling theory emerged from a doctoral dissertation entitled Nonkilling and Global Peace: A Study of Emerging Paradigms and Prospects, that was defended by Katyayani Singh in November 2018 at Lakecity University, Bhopal, India, under the guidance of Dr. Swarup.

The book addresses the human civilizational ethos and explores the concept of the nonkilling paradigm concerning human dignity, human rights, affirmative nonkilling, positive peace and the advancement of human existence. It focuses on the complex question of how to mitigate the prevalent lethal actions and lay out a roadmap for a large-scale transformation of global society into a nonkilling one. It examines the lives of charismatic socio-political leaders who have played a vital role in achieving revolutions in their respective contexts and societies, and studies these revolutions from a nonkilling perspective, investigating the number of human lives lost, both during and after the revolution, due to deliberate actions on the part of leaders. In closing, it assesses the global status quo and current trends and presents a Global Nonkilling Index to record deliberate killings around the world. The book is a significant addition to the literature, specifically in the field of reinterpreting Gandhian concepts in the light of contemporary needs. Given its scope, the book is of immense value to researchers and practitioners in the areas of political science, philosophy, sociology & peace studies. Moreover, it is a must-read for everyone interested in promoting global nonviolence, nonkilling & peace.


Joam Evans Pim is director of the Center for Global Nonkilling and a member of the TRANSCEND Network.


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