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Peace globalization by Maria Elena Vinader

Appeared on the Spring 2003 , T:AP Quarterly Publication

In 1999 when the Kozovo war was taking place and people were predicting all kinds of outcomes for the year 2000, I decided to go to schools and give workshops on “Peace Globalization”. It was also a time where this word was becoming very popular in Argentina, but with the economic significance. It was a great experience. I had children listen to different instruments and I realized how each one could react differently to the same sound but they all had the same need : to play them and enjoy them. We talk about nature, about children with disabilities, and unity in diversity. We thought of the children dying in Kosovo and send them good energy while listening to the peace bell which is made of war material form 2nd war world and it has the shape of a Buddha with a heart in the head.

The idea was to overcome the powerlessness of something that we had no control of. Doing something right here in our home and in school gave us a sense of empowerment and satisfaction. They did beautiful paintings showing children uniting hands around the world and decided to be more helpful at home and at school. They also learned a song called Citizens of the World which talks about having only one human race (this song won a prize in Spain and was created by students in New York and a music therapist for peace).

A follow up of this was a week on values where each school grade presented a value in an art form, like dramatization, or songs. Some of the values chosen were solidarity, honesty, peace etc.

Well, in the midst of what we are going through today I thought it was refreshing to remember this experience. We are on vacation in Argentina but I’ll resume this kind of activity as soon as school starts. I am also planning a radio program to create a culture for peace which will be heard via internet. I am very excited about it and I count on your collaboration for it.