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Poetry Café with Open Mic By Eli Wæhre


The café, where cultural expressions thrive, stands in stark contrast to the digital realm we typically immerse ourselves in. Within the realm of stories accompanied by music and poetry, we find ourselves engrossed in a spectrum that spans from the abstract to the familiar aspects of our shared narratives. It’s a realm rich in diversity, serving as a conduit for culture from one person to another, welcoming people of all ages, both amateurs and accomplished artists, from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

I’m thrilled that someone has founded a community like Trondheim Poetry Café, characterized by its creativity and tight-knit nature, devoid of rigid formalities. Safely led by Rais Neza Boneza, who guides us through the evening with his own poetry and song.

We joined this literary evening where stories, poetry, music, and solidarity intertwine. A space that becomes a poetic bubble where everyone is welcome to be inspired by the power of literature and art.

The microphone is open, and we recommend everyone who wants to attend the next event.

We present one of the poems written by Rais Neza Boneza

Rais, foto EW


Give me Breathing Space

Give me breath

A dust of time

Without storm, without soft wind

In a sublime rest

Without life, without death


Give me breathing space

A moment of quietness

Without world, without heaven

Pausing in an abyss of emptiness

Without hatred, without love.


Give me breath

To sit alone

To swim in the nothingness of oblivion

Without delay, without night

Without heat, without cold.


Abandon me, drop me.

Distant of pity, distant of anger

Without paradise, without hell

Divorced of war, divorced of peace,

Without satisfaction, without starvation.


Give me breath

Without you, without myself

In a muck of ashes

Vision plunged in the blueness of sky

Vague image of hopelessness in a bottomless cavern


In the shadow of grace

Give me breathing space

La meg puste fritt

La meg puste fritt

et støvkorns tid

ingen storm, ingen svale vinder

ikke liv, ikke død

La meg puste fritt

i et øyeblikks ro

borte fra verden og himmel

hvilende i en avgrunn av tomhet

uten hat, uten kjærlighet

La meg puste fritt,

tåle å sitte alene

svømme i glemselens ingenting

uten motstand, uten mørke...

Fornekt meg, bli kvitt meg

ingen medfølelse, ikke sinne

ikke helvete, ikke paradis

skilt fra håp, skilt fra fred

utilfreds mett

Gi meg pusterom

uten deg, uten meg

kle meg i sekk og aske

la drømmene synke i himmelens blå

i skyggen av nåde

Gi meg pusterom!

Denne artikkelen ble først publisert den 22. september 2023 på www.tronderrø


Fremhevet foto fra kvelden EW