Raïs Neza Boneza – TRANSCEND Media Service

In Solidarity with Palestine – 11 Nov 2023

In the name of God and the land, they say with such grace,

Hell yes! What a feast for a dark and twisted place.

Today, when to speak against the specter of death,

We are painted as fanatics, losing our collective breath.

Those who profess to teach the lofty rights of humanity’s dream,

Claim to bear the torch of international law, it may seem.

Now, they choose to arm those who’ve shown,

A knack for taking lives at random, with no remorse,

The fires of hate, colonization and genocide’s on it course.

Let’s extinguish this fire that engulfs a nation’s soul,

When we kill so efficiently, it’s the devil’s own goal.

O! Samaria, lives are lost, just like yours and mine,

Innocent souls trapped in violence’s endless grind.

How do we fight horror without becoming its face?

Let’s open a path to a humane embrace.

Eh! Perhaps a humanitarian corridor, a glimmer of light,

For peace brutally removed, why not parley with those who fight?

Judah burns with no consequences, Eh! he is powerful and bold,

While the gods and the world, in silence, withhold.

When we master the art of killing in God’s holy name,

Hell is just a carnival, a twisted, tragic game.

Taking lives in the name of a god, with unwavering scorn,

Leaves nothing for the devil, who’s forlorn and worn.

Perhaps he’s on leave, as the world’s steeped in sin,

But every life has value, regardless of the Faith within

Again yes! every child holds worth,

Then, let’s end this tragedy, extinguish horror’s hearth.

The infernal flames of suffering, let’s quell,

For all lives matters, in this world where we dwell.


Raïs Neza Boneza is the author of fiction as well as non-fiction, poetry books and articles. He was born in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Former Zaïre). He is also an activist and peace practitioner. Raïs is convener of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment for Central and African Great Lakes and uses his work to promote artistic expressions as a means to deal with conflicts and maintaining mental wellbeing, spiritual growth and healing. He has travelled extensively in Africa and around the world as a lecturer, educator and consultant for various NGOs and institutions. His work is premised on art, healing, solidarity, peace, conflict transformation and human dignity issues. Raïs work also as freelance journalist based in Trondheim, Norway. You can reach him at rais.boneza@gmail.comhttp://www.raisnezaboneza.no


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 13 Nov 2023.