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Lida’s art manifesto “Humanitarian Art Manifiesto” 2008, School of Music, posadas MIsiones Argentina

Lida’s art manifesto “Humanitarian Art Manifesto” used during music event at the School of Music, in Posadas, Argentina.Event leader Ms Maria Elena Lopez Vinader (international music therapist working with blind children):

Peace Education: Pedagogy of the Middle Class

Introduction When I visited Paulo Freire at his Geneva office in 1975, I asked whether someone like me, concerned about justice issues, ought to leave my comfortable setting with the middle class in Hawai‘i and instead pick up a rifle and join the rebels in Latin America. (It was a hypothetical question.) Without hesitation, he said there are justice issues...

Kristallnacht 80 years on: some reading to help make sense of the most notorious state-sponsored pogrom

On the evening of November 9 1938 a Nazi pogrom raged across German and Austrian cities. Nazis branded the atrocity with a poetic term: Kristallnacht or “Crystal Night”. In that branding, fiction took hold. In English it translates as “The Night of Broken Glass” but that also tames the horror. Yes, broken glass from Jewish shopfront windows littered the streets,...

Turkey’s thought-provoking playwrights, actors and directors have little choice but to become exiles BY Long Dang

Enough is Enough is a play formed as a gig, tells the stories of real people about sexual violence, through song and dark humour. It is written by Meltem Arikan, directed by Memet Ali Alabora, with music by Maddie Jones, and includes four female cast members who act as members of a band. For Turkish director and actor Memet Ali...

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