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As we celebrate the 60th year that ethereal being Sade Adu has walked the earth, we marvel at her refusal to age (drop the skincare regimen Queen) and thank the heavens for her spellbinding presence in music. There are very few musicians that can drop an album a decade but there is literally no one like Sade so we are...

UN adds reggae music to list of international cultural treasures

Jamaica’s distinctive beat has furthered ‘international discourse on injustice’, says Unesco – while devotees praise it for breaking down colonial race barriers Laura Snapes Appeared on Thu 29 Nov 2018, on The UN has added reggae music to its list of international cultural treasures worthy of protection and promotion. Jamaica applied for recognition of its musical tradition at a...

Music: Integration Journey

This is something we recorded to accompany our masculine – feminine integration & harmonization workshops and retreats. Feel free to use it and enjoy 🙂 You can listen to and buy the entire album at With heart, Iunia and Sabin

The rock’n’roll rebel of Afghanistan

A new documentary celebrates Ahmad Zahir, the ‘60s and ‘70s icon who mysteriously died in 1979. Arwa Haider talks to the people making the film, including Zahir’s daughter, about how the singer combined popularity with protest.   By Arwa Haider There is some dream-like footage online of a 1970s gig at Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, showing an energetic figure leading a...

Lida’s art manifesto “Humanitarian Art Manifiesto” 2008, School of Music, posadas MIsiones Argentina

Lida’s art manifesto “Humanitarian Art Manifesto” used during music event at the School of Music, in Posadas, Argentina.Event leader Ms Maria Elena Lopez Vinader (international music therapist working with blind children):

Giving peace a chance? Music can drive us apart as much as it unites

Appeared on the net  the September 20, 2017 9.35pm BST September 21 is International Day of Peace, the UN’s annual call for a global ceasefire. This year, in the lead-up, celebrities have curated a Peace Day Playlist available through streaming services. James Morrison, Yoko Ono, Michael Caine, UB40 and others have nominated songs such as Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, Joan Baez’s We...

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