Christophe Barbey


Christophe Barbey

Irenist (peace activator, peace research, theory and practice, peace achievment-s), poet (smile cultivator) and lawyer (prevention, mediation and solutions)

At the Enchanted Star
Siernes Picaz road 46
CH-1659 Flendruz


+41 (0)79 524 35 74


Geneva office:
C/° Centre John Knox
27, ch. des Crêts-de-Prégny
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex

For po-ethic activities “To live in poetry: At the flower of time, fruits by the bulk”, my blog (mostly in French).

For peace activities

For countries without armies
For legal activities (mostly in French) and mediations (English also)
For the legal consultancy for soldiers and civilists in French speaking Switzerland (in French only)

For the representation at the United Nations in Geneva for the Center for Global Nonkilling and for Conscience and Peace Tax International.  ​

For renting rooms in the Swiss Alps, the Enchanted Star.


“Peace created, peace expanded !”