Rik Palieri

photo by Tom Barber
photo by Tom Barber

Rik Palieri’s last name, (pronounced Pal-air-re) is an Italian occupational name that means the shovel maker. He comes from a family of storytellers, musicians and actors with ancestors from Poland, Germany and Italy.

He sings and performs both original and traditional songs on a variety of folk instruments, including the banjo, 6 & 12 string guitars, mouth bow, Native American flute and a collection of rare Polish bagpipes.

He has performed at many world known venues, such as; the Lincoln Center Out of Doors (with The Hudson River Sloop Singers), the Kennedy Center, Nashville’s Country Music Hall Of Fame, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Vancouver Folk Festival, the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Cafe Lena, the Hudson River Revival, the Bitter End, the legendary Blue Bird Café and many more.

He is a world traveler, having appeared at festivals, clubs and radio shows in Australia, Argentina, England, Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Canada and in every state in the USA.