Samantha Sinai

Samantha Sinai, Professional Cellist, Cello Teacher, and Board Certified Music Therapist, was raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Beginning to learn to play the cello at age 10, she has been in love ever since. Samantha completed her undergraduate degree in Cello Performance and Music Therapy at the Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory near Cleveland, Ohio. It was during her undergraduate degree that Samantha realized she really wanted to not only perform, but to reach people in a meaningful way through both the music and her presence. Samantha has a deep belief in the power of music to heal, transcend and bring people together. Her Music Therapy work has been a wonderful outlet to make an impact on people as she has brought music to patients in a children’s hospital, hospice, home health, oncology, intensive care units, outpatients in hospitals, kids with special needs and Veterans who were previously homeless. Samantha has presented at statewide and regional Music Therapy conferences. She has also composed and co-produced a self-released cello relaxation album, From My Heart to Yours, intended to invite the listener to a calmer state of being. (For more information about the CD and directions on how to purchase the CD, please see the tab labeled “My Music”).

Samantha is known for her soulful, expressive playing and her presence within the music.  She has performed with numerous professional orchestras. Her primary cello teachers are David Levine, Regina Mushabac and Uri Vardi. She recently completed her Master’s of Music degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Samantha looks forward to dedicating her career to utilizing music to make meaningful change. She is interested in integrating music, compassion and holistic health to explore how the inner workings of our mind and body contribute to global consciousness.